January 11, 2013

"You Sent it Where?"

Somewhere in December, I mis-typed my password to my Dutch online banking site. As a result, I got locked out. No problem, they’d sent me a new password by mail. And so I wait.

And check my mail box at the post office.
And wait.
And wait.
And check again.
And wait some more.

Newspaper stand at Hamra
Now this morning I thought; “This is odd. One month for a letter to get here. It usually takes about a week.” And so I call my bank. After some investigating, it turns out that my p.o. box was considered inaccessible, and so they sent the letter to my home address.  

"We sent it to your home address in Beirut," said the lady.
 You sent it where?” I asked. 
Your home address,” was the friendly reply, and she rambled off my Beirut street address.

This made me laugh. I doubt many people know the actual name of the street they live in, unless it is a main thoroughfare. But even my street, which is pretty well known, does not go by its official name. It goes by the name of a building that was once at the bottom of the street, but that no longer exists now. Its official name I only found out when browsing Google Maps.

And so my Dutch bank is going to send a letter to my home address which is not even an official address. 

I am not keeping my fingers crossed over this one.

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Anonymous said...

Question: who gave them the address?