January 12, 2013

2296 Meters above Sea Level

At 2296 meters above sea level: I wonder if that's Beirut on the far distance; I wasn't looking

If you want a picture a day, don’t expect much content (from me). 

I drove this morning up to Faraya, although it seemed the news had said the roads were closed. They were not. But they were a little narrow and rather ice-patted on the upper parts. And you had to dodge a power line at one point. Lots of cars got stuck and had to turn around. Funny to see how some heavy 4 x 4’s didn't make it, whereas silly sedans with thread worn tires had no trouble making it all the way up to the slopes.

You hate skiing and snow with a vengeance, yet you have a mother who forces you every Saturday again
It didn’t matter; the slopes were lovely and empty (although a little windy in the afternoon). I have one snow board addict in the family (you need to wake him up to go to school; yet when it’s snow season, he’s the first one out of the door) and one extremely reluctant skier who hates snow with a passion. One doesn’t want to ski with me because I am “helplessly slow” (his quote), the other doesn’t want to ski with me because she says I am torturing her. I told her she can decide whether she goes skiing or not when she has her first boyfriend (“That’s going to be forever!!”) But I persist. One day she’ll thank me (is the idea).

Mzaar Peak in the distance (map here)

And at the end of the day, when we drive back to Beirut, while the sun sets on the town, were all rosy and satisfied.  I know that this town has issues (haven’t taken a shower in 4 days due to lack of electricity = hot water), but I am telling you; where can you go skiing for a day?

View on Beirut while the sun sets 

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