January 10, 2013


After the storm (great cloud formation)

 The storm from Russia has abated. The kids can go back to school. I kind of question this ‘no school because there is a storm’ policy. The worst part was Sunday night, and Monday morning all students made it to my daughter’s class. I understand that in the higher regions there may have been issues, but here in Beirut, there was little reason. Unless of course you live in Hay esSelom. 

The Beirut suburb of Hay al-Sellom was hardest hit during the storm after Ghadir River spilled over, sending muddy water rushing into several houses illegally built on both sides of the bank. Many flood-hit families were left homeless.’ (Source

The Corniche. With a little luck you can see the snow in the lower regions; the rest is covered by clouds

But if a storm like this cannot keep idiots like this at home, I dare say we can send our children as well. And so back to business it is tomorrow. They’ll be glad to be out of the house as we are currently experiencing cold water and freezing temperatures inside the house; courtesy of the Ministry of Electricity, as its workers seem to be on strike.
"There is a storm, and there is a problem in the grid. The electricity workers are on strike, and they're not letting anyone fix the problem," Lebanese Energy and Water Minister Gebran Bassil told AFP on Thursday. Officials and residents blamed the outage on the storm and an open-ended strike by employees of the state-run Electricite du Liban power company over salaries and pension issues. (more here)
Picture time
I don’t blame them, even though their timing may have been a little off. We are – and have been for ever – run by a group of incompetents (regardless of what side they are on) who are only interested in their own agenda, and have no regard for the greater good of a nation or its people.

Little peer near the Riviera Hotel
But enough said, time for some photos. The storm is over, and we’re venturing outside again. On my walk back from work today, I took the sea side. The water is slowly clearing up, but the waves are still impressive. 
I have always lived in places whose west coasts border on the sea, and the power of the sea  never seizes to amaze me.

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