March 15, 2015

Death by the Road Side

Was in the south this weekend. And while driving down from Tyre to Naqoura in the early morning, I noticed a black dog by the side of the road, with a little puppy next to it. I though it odd that a dog would sleep so close by the side of the road, especially with puppies.  I drove on, but it lingered on my mind. What dog would really sleep by the side of the road? What if it were dead?
When driving back to Tyre, some 5 hours later, we looked out for the ‘sleeping dog’. And it was still there. With the puppy, hiding between its paws. The sleeping dog was indeed a dead dog, apparently hit by a car and left to die.
It's the last thing I need, yet another dog. I already have three. And the old aunt in the house will file for divorce if she could, at the sight of another dog. But how can you leave a puppy behind, with a 12 year old in the car, and so we came back home with yet another dog.
This one is up for adoption though. Anyone interested in a little dark brown puppy, with Labrador features, some 6 weeks old, please inbox me. This one needs a little child to love!


Anonymous said...

such a heartbreaking photo

Fadi said...

oh my :( really heartbreaking, hope it finds a loving home

Anonymous said...

That was so awesome of you ! You are my new hero. Thank you so much for looking after god's creatures. We should start calling you St Francis.

Anonymous said...

Your karma will be amazing!

Anonymous said...

Awwww how wonderfully kind of you to pick this little girl up. I'm so glad she is safe and found a home. This picture is heartbreaking!