March 17, 2015

Happy Ending

I do love happy endings. The little dog I found by the roadside on Sunday, hiding beside his dead mom, has found a lovely owner. A post on Animals Lebanon , and a follow up,  resulted in a total of  1,636 likes, 523 shares (i.e. another 523 Facebook members shared the picture with their circle of friends) and 345 comments.
This little fella (it's a girl), in the meant time, is going to be one lucky bastard.  The message is clear: 1) there are a lot of compassionate people out there, 2) support animal protection organizations, and 3) there is goodness in this world. And that's all we need. Thank you Joy, for providing a home.


Tony W said...

Very happy to hear that she has found a new home! Excellent job on taking care of the situation!

visnja said...

Wonderful story!!! and the ending!!! Thank you!!!