June 14, 2014

Smile! We're In!

At a Beirut pub, somewhere in downtown Beirut, the Dutch anxiously awaited the verdict; Were we going to meet our demise, just like 4 years ago? Was it going to be an early ending of a World Championship? The Spaniards are an opponent not to be taken for granted. Actually, they’re an opponent we kind of fear. So we went without a lot of hope. After all . . . we hold the record for playing the most World Cup finals without ever winning the tournament.

And indeed. 1:0 for the Spaniards. Well, we sort of expected that.
Oh. 1:1. Well, that is at least an honorable defeat.
1:2? Is this possible? Will it last? They just need one goal, and we're back to nothing.
1:3. Wait a minute, this is looking better. We actually might win this.
1:4 Are you kidding me? We ARE going to win this !
https://vine.co/v/Mj3xU1Mgjre1:5 No way!!! So we really did it!


Tanya Dernaika said...

Congrats to Holland. Combination of humility and hunger won the day!

Eloy said...

Netherland played superb. gefeliciteerd !!!
Volgende keer I will join you.
Viva España!!! anyway

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the dutch!
I really hope they win the cup this time.

Long Cường Vũ said...

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Tony W. said...

Congrats!! I am very hopeful that this year is theirs!!