June 18, 2014

Summer Season

We start early
You know that summer is in town when members of the extended family are flying in from all over the world.  And they all gather around the dining table. At this particular dinner table by the sea last night we’ve got Lebanon, Holland, the US, Greece and  Italy together.

At sunset
Sometime this summer members of the French clan will fly in as well and spent some time here. Australia comes in every two or three years, so not this summer. There are more Lebanese living outside Lebanon than inside, although exact numbers are not available. And every summer they come back to re-connect.
After sunset

 Like so many families, hubbie’s family is spread over 4 continents. Facebook and Whatsapp have significantly narrowed the communication gap, and so now we know what the others wear on weddings, when they meet with friends or what they do with Father’s Day. But still, the pull of the land is strong, and summer is the time when they all come home.
At night
And we all gather around the dining table. We start early, some of us have kids that still need to go to school the next day. Dinners here involve everyone, not just the grown-ups. Kids, grannies and housekeepers; everyone comes along. Night after night after night.


Anonymous said...

This is the Lebanon I remember, thanks for posting !

Mohamed M said...

I love to see families reunited. Where is this place/restaurant ?

Emie said...

Wat een sfeervolle foto's en wat een heerlijkheid om een grote familie aan tafel te zitten. De absoluut beste manier om reunie's te vieren.
Groet uit Italia