June 08, 2014

Life's a Beach

SIL (sister in-law) and I are on the beach and talking; what to do when those kids have all left the house and gone off to distant horizons?
We still have a good stretch to go, I have another 7 years, she’s got life (almost: another 15 years to go), but one day, they’ll be all gone. And then what?
Travel with our hubbies? Not 12 months a year. We’ll hike to Santiago de Compostella with a donkey, hopefully from Lebanon if there’s peace in Syria by that time. If not, we’ll ship the beast to Greece and take off from there. The French Revolution lasted  some 25 years before things sort of settled, so the Syrians still have some years to go. But then what are we going to do? Charity work? We’re not the knitting kind. Gardening? We have balconies.
And then we figured it out. We’re going to buy ourselves a piece of land above Batroun, and begin a beach. 3 months of work per year, the rest is all preparation and maintenance.  Life on the beach, sunsets at sea, sunrise behind us over the mountains, sand between your toes, a fridge with ice cream, and wine,  and pondering about the meaning of life. We'll even learn how to play backgammon. We don't have to make any money; just pay for our expenses. And our grandchildren will love to spend time with their grannies. Heck, what child has a granny with a beach club?  
We still have to come up with a good name for our beach though. And a piece of land.
What are your retirement plans?


Marijke said...

In that case just give me a call and I'll come back to Lebanon! A beach club with a private nurse for all those grandchildren, wouldn't that be a plus??

Anonymous said...

Pepsi Can Beeaaaccchhhhhh :-)

Anonymous said...

The meaning of life is simple. Life is meaningless. :)

ehden said...

I intend to leave Australian winter and spend more summer time in my beloved lebanon. Will visit your beach . life's a beach

Anonymous said...

Before I use to think in the future I would like to spend more time in Lebanon,not any more.The country has gone to the dogs, very sorry for the dogs.