January 01, 2013

Common Knowledge

My New Year’s resolution? Be a more active blogger (among others). And so we start with something Lebanese. We begin with a visit from the plumber. I have an issue with plumbers in Lebanon. I might have an issue with plumbers in Holland, had I lived there, because I hear complaints from friends about plumbers in Holland as well. As it is, I live in Beirut and I have a Lebanese plumber. And he came to install something.
And this is what it looks like now; Four tabs. Of which one (the one on the left) seems to be inoperable as the knob is missing.
In case you are slightly distracted by the tiles, some background. We live in a building dating back from the sixties, and it still has its original kitchen, complete with the metal kitchen cabinets. My husband is quite attached to the authentic look of it, and so the tiles are here to stay. Forever.
Back to the tabs. Four tabs.
I was rather confused about these four tabs. And so I showed it to a friend Miss H, you have been recognized. Who commented the following:

The one without the knob is the government drinking water. It is no longer available...has its own piping. Middle is hot and cold for washing the dishes.... Far right connected to filter and cold tab is drinking water... Common knowledge for a Lebanese.”
And so it is. Plumber has been redeemed.

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