January 02, 2013

A Picture a Day?

I was wondering if I could make it to a post a day. Some bloggers do.
My purpose for blogging has evolved over the years. Maybe 'evolving' is not the right word. Evolving would indicate it’s gotten better suited for its purpose. That’s not necessarily the case. 'Change' would be a better word since the purpose of this blog changes all the time. It started out as a eyewitness to times that promised change (which never materialized), was used as a communication with family back home, served at a time as a online diary, was sometimes a place where I could publish news that didn’t make it to the Dutch newspaper and has been a display of my ‘on the road’ adventures through Lebanon at times. Depending on my mood, it changes. Right now, I see if we can get a picture a day posted, for all those homesick Lebanese (and non-Lebanese) around the world that surf me because if they see pictures of places they’ve walked as well, it generates this short squirt of dopamine.
And so this one was taken today (just before it started to snow, and we had to evacuate the slope), in Feraya, where a half day ski ticket on a weekday costs you 25,000 LBP. Eat your heart out!


Liliane said...

Go for it. Part of being a successful blogger is to be flexible and change with times. I would still call it evolution.

visnja said...

I totally agree with Liliane! That's how the world continues spinning.
On the other note something crossed my mind that I meant to ask long ago. Since I've been reading your blog I don't recall you posting and/or visiting Byblos. Probably you did it in the past and I missed it; but I would love to see/hear your take on it.
Byblos is for me one of those places you're attracted to ... you know, with inexplicable reason!
As always wishing you all the best and keep up the excellent work.

Sietske said...

I love your support ladies!!! Thanks!

ehden said...

As a Lebanese living in Sydney , i have enjoyed your stories.