November 27, 2011

Made It!

Hana and her mom, and cousin O. at the finish line.  Adrian had passed the finish line some 100 minutes earlier.
We made it. The 10 K of the Beirut International Marathon. They call it the 10 K Fun Run. Wherever did they come up with such a name? But we made it, relatively unscathed, and with a medal. In only 2 hours and 10 minutes, or somewhere around there. Adrian left us at the start line, and made it in only 58 minutes.

Adrian, Hana and Cousin O

And I think we actually did 13 kilometers, because to even get to the start line, we had to hike through the entire city. I live right in the middle of the marathon circuit, and so there’s no going in or out of the neighborhood with the car from 6 A.M. onwards. I had the bright idea that we’d pick up a cab somewhere along the road.
Well, I didn’t see one stinking cab on the road, all the way from my house to the start line, which is some 3 kilometers away.
And then when you get to the start line, there’s another half hour of shuffling before you even make it past the line, due to the massive turn-out.
Good turn-out

But the weather and the mood were good.

We took cousin O and at the last minute, Hana decided her dog Spike would have to come along too. We had an extra bib, from someone who had to forego the race, and so Spike walked with a number as well. If I would have gotten a thousand pounds from every person who wanted to take a picture of that dog, I’d have been a rich woman now. I wonder what all these people will do with a picture of my daughter’s dog on their cell phone.

The dog right now is in virtual coma, whereas my daughter and cousin O decided to go on a picnic, and – barely home - off they went again. Boundless energy. I, on the other hand, think I will take a nap or so.

Spike, Cousin O and Hana

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Anonymous said...

The dog is too cute with that number on!

I live right down the street from you and tried (and FAILED) to take a cab too. There was one parked right on our street but couldn't get out of the area. (The driver kept turning down parallel roads to find the SAME road blocked. Obviously!) We figure there MUST be a way out by car but our driver was just too clueless to figure it out.

I had a special sticker to help me get to the front of the line because I am a "serious runner" (according to the signage). I was annoyed that it was still so packed (and lots of folk without stickers) but from what you described I guess the sticker helped! I got out in about 5 minutes.