November 28, 2011

More Walking

Here’s another piece on walking. Okay, so I am about 6 months late with this, but better late than never. And I got it from someone else (hat tip Allyson!!! Prachtige link die ik van je feestboek plukte!) And now that the internet supposedly got so much faster, you can all view this.

It is called ‘The Walk of Causes’, and it is a web series of twelve episodes, each around five minutes, about the adventure of two foreign guys crossing Lebanon on foot..

“Without much preparation, Matias and Jorgen embarked on an epic journey that would bring them from the North of Lebanon to the South – a journey that took them through wild forests and dessert-like areas, over steep mountains and dangerous mine fields. Passports were being checked regularly at official military check-points, as well as by the almost-official Hezbollah ”check-points”.

Most images from the Middle East show a depressing reality of countries in crises. In this webseries, the viewer gets the chance to discover people living their everyday lives in the stunning mountains of Lebanon. Matias and Jorgen's approach to these people may at times seem naive, as they enthusiastically and with an open mind walk up to strangers for a ”conversation” based on body language. In a country that officially recognizes18 different religious groups, they were met by many friendly faces of different faiths.

About fifty hours of footage have been recorded from this three week journey that took place in April and May 2010, but financial help is needed in order to edit the project. Lots of goodies are waiting for those willing to help!”
More on this project can be found here. Enjoy!

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WOW That looks so cool! Thanks for Sharing!