November 26, 2011

The 9th Marathon

I signed up for the Beirut Marathon. I won’t be doing the 42 kilometer; I am going for the 10K Fun Run. And I won’t be exactly running that one either. There is a very good reason why all marathon runners have an AA cup size, and I don’t fit that category.
This will be the first year my daughter will actually walk with me. She’s done the 10K before, the very first time when she was some 10 months old, but I was the one doing the walking; she just hung in the back. This year will be the first time she’s actually walking it on her own all the way. It ‘ll be her 9th marathon. So everyone, come out and cheer for us!

P.S. The picture is yesterday's sunset at Tabarja (On the Austostrade, coming from Jounieh going to Byblos, near the casino).