February 06, 2010

Indiana Joneses

Beirut, Friday morning 7:00 A.M.
When I came home from work yesterday, it turned out my home had been turned into a base for treasure seekers/black box locators. They are quite an inspiring company; It’s like I had four Indiana Joneses on the coach. I have heard tales that could keep me blogging for quite some months to come. These are you regular day adventurers; They’ve retrieved Space Challenger Shuttles from the sea, silver coins from armadas, ceramics from pre-revolutionary trader ships, been chased by the Spanish navy, had to deal with body bags, all kinds of shipwrecks and have been experiencing lots of interesting things while working here in Lebanon. They are here to find the Ethiopian plane (which I understand they may have finally found some pieces of) and the 2 black boxes (of which they hear a beacon, but somehow cannot pinpoint, yet they are so close they can practically smell the things).
Beirut, Friday evening, 7:00 P.M.
But in the meantime, I leave you with a picture of last Friday, when we said goodbye to one of our favorite waiters at the HRC; Ringo. He’s going on to brighter horizons. And I’m going skiing with terror Theo today.


angie nader said...

what a beautiful photo of the clouds. i really miss the sound of real of thunder (here thunderstorms are really just showers).
...i hope they find the box!

Anonymous said...
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