February 07, 2010

Indiana Joneses at Dinner

Even Indiana Jones has to have dinner. These business dinners are quite an affair. Between phone calls with ministers, army generals, navy seals, prime-ministers, boat crew, journalists, kids at sleep-overs, captains and board members, they managed to eat, and conduct a very animated table conversation about flight-inspectors, plane-crash investigators, how planes crash, why business class passengers have been found but not economy class, about spending 18 hours in the air in a fighter jet over the Bering Sea and missing the flight deck cable a total of eleven times, refueling in the air four times, ship wrecks downward drafts in storm clouds, power surges in fuel tanks and lots of other very interesting things.

Looking at their phone screens, instead of the lovely table companions at their side

Parts of the Ethiopian flight 409 have been found, and it seems to be a matter of days before the entire plane has been located and the lifting of parts begins. The Lebanese navy is slowly preparing for the retrieval of the many victims.


Anonymous said...

r u allowed to make such comments?

Sietske said...

I didn't reveal anything confidential, did I?

Anonymous said...

I guess :S

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us what games they are playing on their mobiles? Is it networked, so they play together? Can we join?

Theo said...

Siets, wel verdorie. Log ik weer in op je blog om je blog-brief aan me te bekijken, waarin je meldde dat ik niet hoefde te komen om te skiƫn, zie ik niets... en ik zie ook de prachtige foto's van het afgelopen weekend niet, toen we met de vrouw van Indiana de piste onveilig maakten!

Groeten uit Eindhoven!