January 31, 2010

On the Beach

“If we can’t have snow, we’ll take sea,” I thought last Sunday. On so we went to the beach. That’s the luxury of this country. We found a spot on the shore, out of the wind, and hung out all day, dreaming about building our own seashore villa. One day. Maybe. If we win the lottery. Hana and her cousins caught crabs, threw stones in the water, searched for sea shells, fell in the water and tried fishing. That last one was a little complicated with a pole but no tackle. Never mind, maybe a fish would just sink its teeth into that bamboo pole they were holding into the water. It didn’t. What a surprise. Now if I’d live on the seaside; I’d invest some money in a real fishing pole. There’s beautiful land on the shore, mostly undeveloped, or developed poorly, like a factory for instance. Who on earth builds a factory on the seaside? Yet land prices are here are sky high. A million dollars for a crummy piece of land, and with what you’ve got left you can build yourself a wooden shack. If anyone lives on the Batroun coast or neighborhood, and has a piece of land on the shore, wants some nice neighbors, but doesn’t want a beach club or a twenty floor concrete monster next door; mail me! And so we lounged all day, until the sun went down.

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Anonymous said...

so what is wrong with a "wooden shack"?