January 09, 2010

Hamra on an Early Saturday Morning

Hamra on an Early Saturday Morning: Reading the Paper

The weather is unseasonally warm for this time of year in Lebanon, while in Holland, it is unseasonally cold. They’re looking into the 11 Cities Ice-Skating Tour.
'Western Europe generally has a maritime climate with mild winters and summers, influenced by the western winds over the ocean. Only when the continental and northern inlands regions are cold and an eastern wind blows, the proper conditions arise for this ice skating race' (source).
Hamra on an Early Saturday Morning: Getting Breakfast
(Guy on the scooter is eating a mana'kish)

I, on the other hand, should have been skiing, but am now looking into a hike on Sunday with two friends. Both have children over 18, and as thus consider themselves ‘advanced in age’. I am not allowed to plan a strenuous hike therefore, I was told yesterday. One is hiding behind the fact that she is taking her smaller daughters with her as well, and they of course “cannot walk that far.” I haven’t told them yet, but I am planning a hike of the quality of the elfstedentocht. They’ll find out tomorrow. Harharhar. Hamra on an Early Saturday Morning: On His Way to Work
And thus I leave you with some pictures of Hamra on an early Saturday morning. I had to run an errand, am still possessed with an overzealous amount of energy, and wanted to beat the crowds, hence the early hour.

Hamra on an Early Saturday Morning: Future Construction Site

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marijke said...

I read it already, so i think i'll take my wheelchair with me. You may push me!!!!