January 10, 2010

Four to a Bike

Not such an unusual scene . . .
It should have been snowing, but instead, it is 24 degrees Celcius. I'm not complaining, but I am telling you, it's not us (Lebanon) that's creating this global warming. Just look at these guys; four on a motorbike; one kid on the tank, the other dangling by the side. I sure hope she's not losing her grip any time soon. And mom behind dad. Helmets, anyone?

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Miss Footloose said...

Scary stuff, those overloaded motorbikes. You see amazing things like that in many poor Asian and Africa countries too.

I've always been in awe in Holland when I see a mother with a baby in front and a kid in back on a regular bike, but of course properly secured, and traffic that takes them into account. I left before I had my kids, so I never learned how to do that!