January 07, 2010

Something of Everything

A boat passing by the shore of Beirut this morning

This month, I have to pay my mecanique (something like road taxes, and since I have a new car, I’m in the highest scale, but I’m not complaining), my son just dropped his school fee letter on my desk, which means my daughter’s bill is coming along as well (and if you live in Lebanon you know that that is not going to be a $150-thing like in Europe), I need to pay the office fee for a new housekeeper, the ticket for a housekeeper flying home, my phone bill for 3 months is due, and I need a new printer. And I’m looking into installing a fire place.
Sticking on the new bill board of the month.
I just barely survived the December month, which was celebrated in two places, thus two times gifts. I guess we’ll wait with the fireplace. It’s going to be 23 degrees C this weekend anyway; who needs a fire place?
The grocery deliveries waiting in front of the supermarket.

And so I will leave you with something of everything. Some things I saw while walking my daughter to school this morning, for instance.

My SIL and her youngest son with her home-made Galette des Rois (Epiphany, or Feast of the 3-Kings). Yesterday was the 3-King Feast. I remember celebrating that in Holland with a cake in which a bean was hidden. Here I have to go to my SIL's part of town, as it is not celebrated in my part of town.

H and her cousins decorating home-made speculaasjes.

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