October 22, 2009

Fall is in the Air

Fall is in the air

Summer was officially over a month ago, but the weather refused to cooperate. Now the temperature is finally dropping a little. When I wake up in the mornings to go to work, it is still dark. Dinners on the balcony are now by candlelight, as the sun sets earlier.
I read that in Holland, when the clocks are changed, people are depressed for just about an entire week. I kind of like the darkness, makes me nostalgic.
A cheikh on the road, out for a stroll (I assume)

I’ll be spending the weekend in the mountain house, preparing it for the Christmas holiday. I’m not a great fan of the mountain house, since the mountain villages in Lebanon are pretty much deserted in fall and winter. There are of course the hard-core inhabitants; those that live all year-round in the mountains. But it seems to me that the majority of the houses are owned by Beiruti-based Lebanese, and they only show up in summertime. Still, the weather at this time of year is at its best.
Shepherd with his goats

And so this weekend, I’m off to the mountain house. We’ll be buying pumpkins, and watch the pinecone seed (snoubra) harvest. I hear they go at $30 a kilo these days. And I’ve got my Piff-Paff ready.
And so I leave you with some mountain scenes.


Liliane said...

Enjoy your time in the mountains!

Btw as you are my reference in Lebanon (ironically lol) do you know of any center that teaches the Arabic language? I thought if anyone should know it should be someone who at one point might've thought or did learn the language :)

angie nader said...

it must be frezzing durring christmas in the mountains