October 24, 2009

International Day of Climate Action

Today’s the International Day of Climate Action. These days the movement to stop global warming is getting a little more ‘goal oriented’, which I find very helpful. We (on Earth) are now at 390 parts of carbon per million CO2 – and this number is rising by about 2 parts per million every year – while we should aim for 350 parts (source).

Being Dutch, a rising sea level will greatly impact the life in Holland, as some 60% of the people, and 20% of the land are below sea level. My parents’ house for instance, and 2 of my 3 brothers’ houses, would all be submerged. They’re currently busy developing floating houses in Holland.

Living on a hill by the sea in Beirut, my house would become a sea-side residence, greatly increasing its real-estate value per m2. But I understand that my good fortune would probably not be in the best interest of many others in the world, so I’ll forego that option.

Over here, we complain a lot about the ‘people’ not respecting nature, throwing away garbage ‘kief ma ken’, not recycling etc, but the biggest polluters are probably those that should know better, those with the 3 SUV’s and the 600 m2 apartments that have AC’s humming all summer long, because the regular people, due to economic factors and the lack of sufficient electricity to service the entire country, are doing their share. Just look at these car-pooling options.
A family of 4-1 little scooter.
And how about this car that must have had over 9 people in it.
They’re doing their share, be it voluntary or not.


Liliane said...

Heheh I loved the scooter! But still not very safe! Yet it is more nature oriented.

let's hope more and more people grow to understand what 350 is, what climate change will do to the world, economy, people, houses, land, nature.. and let's hope the leaders do something about it in December 2009 in Copenhagen!

Anonymous said...

Climate change, the "Club van Rome", the end of the world-oil-supply, the Russians are coming, nuclear threats, swine-flue... There is no end to people telling us that the world is about to end. Forget about it my dear sister, just buy one of my wooden houses and then, when the dikes brake and the water rises, you simply sail away in your wooden house... http://www.houtenhuis.info Y.

Anonymous said...

ok, break...

Jad Aoun said...

Its great to see that everyone is involved. ;)

Ginette said...

I can't agree more. However, just been arrived in Beirut and also been in other big cities as Cairo etc. I wonder how to get from A to B safely without a car! I wouldn't dare to take a 'brommer' and it would be suicide to walk (the reason why my beloved dog stayed with my parents).
I find that sometimes you find your limits in saving nature, unfortunately.