September 05, 2008

Traffic in this place, of course, is always a great source of inspiration for me. And while I listened to Neil Simon on the radio, singing about the '50 ways to leave your lover', these guys made me wonder about the 50 ways to meet your destiny.
This is about a-quarter-of-an-inch type of work. At break-neck speed. I never saw one getting crushed.
A Travelling Salesman


Anonymous said...

Isnt it Paul Simon doing that song?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Paul Simon, you're right. (Wasn't focusing) :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like Eindhoven during rushtime with all the new foreign student, using their first ever seen/ used bikie!! It is dangerous to leave my part of town during this time of the new college year.

Sietske, can I send you a photo to compare the situation??

Simple Answer said...

I'm surprised at how few motorcycles I see in Jordan. But, we did see a Ferrari yesterday and we were just as impressed as I'm sure the owner hoped we would be.