September 06, 2008


Saturday morning on the Corniche

My inspiration is slowly seeping back.
I went to the bank to deposit $3000 dollars. When I get the receipt, I see that I actually only deposited $2994.
“I think I deposited $3000”, I say.
“Yes, but we send the bills to the States, and we charge you for that”, the lady at the counter replies. 0.2 %, as a matter of fact.
I’ve never heard of anything like it. I pay for withdrawing money from ATM machines other than my bank, and now I pay for depositing money as well. My understanding of banking was that I was the one getting money for putting it in a bank account, such as interest.

This one fits in the category of the tip at Burger King.

Yes yes, I feel it seeping, the inspiration.


Simple Answer said...

oooo. I get so mad when they do stuff like that to me!

Rami said...

They did the same thing with me at BLOM bank.
What's strange is that they sometimes deduct few dollars and sometimes they don't...!

Anonymous said...

please help,Iam looking for dvd or book that shows how balbak looked when it was new.

Lalebanessa said...

Hi anonymous,
Try this book: Ancient Lebanon, Monuments Past and Present by M.J.Strazulla.
It's got lots of excellent "before and after" pictures including Baalback.
You can find it in french and in english depending on which language you want.
If you live in Lebanon, it's in all the bookshops. Otherwise here's the Amazon link:

Anonymous said...

thank you lalebanessa, an Ataturk is what Lebanon needs

Debi said...

I've never had a bank in the US do that however, when I went to Mexico they did.