September 03, 2008


I’d said I’d start writing/blogging again on September 1st, but I must say I feel strangely uninspired by the ‘Beirut of late’.

Getting back into the mood after a two month absence, is hard enough. And coming in from a place where people wait in line, do not interrupt conversations and pick up their own trash, it usually takes me a day or three before I comfortably wallow in chaos again.

With the ‘chaos wallowing’ comes the inspiration.
Some writers need isolation, others need 6 sharpened pencils and lined yellow legal pad absolute, while there are those that need to multi-task (say, cooking for instance) while writing. Chaos does it for me.

I need chaos, unplanned events; bursting boilers and plumbers that don’t show up, cars that break down at times when pay-checks don’t come, children with beyond-poor grades when the end of the schoolyear nears, cats that throw up in the kitchen, supermarkets that close due to ‘civil disturbances’, bullet holes in the façade of the building and militiamen with nasty grins around the corners.

Maybe it is the start of Ramadan? Maybe politicians have even outdone themselves and can no longer be interested in their own dysfunctional discourse? Maybe the price of oil has finally affected the import of arms and ammo and the like (wishful thinking)?
I don’t know.

But I am uninspired by this town at the moment, and so I will leave it at that.


Anonymous said...

OK, then why don't you let us do the writing, and you just sit back and read. It went rather well while you were still on holiday... Y.

Simple Answer said...

I can see how in the absence of all that it would seem a little boring. I suggest trying to go to the store close to Iftar. What a madhouse it's been here!

Raffi said...

Oh I'm sure you'll do better in a couple of days :)

Hint 1: Elections are coming up!
Hint 2: New regulations and restrictions on the red lights!
Hint 3: Food prices...

Anonymous said...

How about "candies"

Had a good holliday??

Dimphy & Mieke