November 28, 2006

Syrian Style Suicide

Somebody just blew himself up on the Syrian side of the border. Not quite sure why he did it, said the news.

‘Suicide bombing Syrian style’ one blogger called it. That was a pretty funny remark.
“Yeah, you heard about that,” a security guard at work told me, “what an idiot. To blow himself up. Messed up even that job. What an asshole.” The way he said it made me laugh. “Shoe el ehbel!?”
My mother wondered if they guy maybe had had a fight with his wife. “People do strange things, you know.” And we laughed some.
The TV showed clumps of meat splattered all across the rocks. I know those rocks well, because I’ve crossed that border many times, and there is always something wrong with the papers, and so you hang around for hours outside. And then we laughed some more. “Guess the guy got sick of waiting,” we quipped. Combustible anger and all that. “Maybe he had a short fuse.”
And here we are; a guy blows himself up, and all we managed to do is laugh about it. That’s pretty sad. In the end you’re glad he only managed to kill himself. But when you think of it; the guy had a mother who’s’ getting the news tonight. And friends and family will wonder how come they didn’t see this coming. And the friend who saw him last probably thinks how he could have missed this.

Ah yes, it is a strange world.