November 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Cookie

And now for something non-political, non-sectarian, non-religious and non-national. The future Miss Lebanon celebrated her fourth birthday today. The happy occasion was slightly dampened by the fact that today she received a lengthy letter from the head of her school as well, stating that she had stepped on purpose on the little hand of a fellow classmate and grinded the little paw destructively into the ground. Now we need to meet to set up some sort of behavior-altering plan, as it turns out her tantrums at school are of a daily nature, and not considered within the normal limits of child behavior. Ahum. I guess we won’t have to teach her assertiveness anymore. But I think that in the long run an overly dominating attitude of ‘I am the boss in this place’ will benefit her well in this macho-male oriented society.
And if she can make a wish; May she grow up in a peaceful and democratic Lebanon. Hear hear.
So Happy Birthday Cookie
(And because today is also the birthday of the future Ms. Holland, here's a picture of her as well. Happy Birthday Rosa!)

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Nicolien said...

Go Cookie go! Dat je nog vele jaren op de handen van die zichzelf verheerlijkende Libanese macho-mannen mag stampen :) Happy birthday!