November 30, 2006

D-day in the O.K. Corral

Which way is it going to go? Right or wrong?

And finally, something we have been waiting for for almost a month now; the much anticipated Hezbollah demonstration! Tomorrow is the day, in downtown Beirut, where the parliament and the government have their offices. At 3 o’clock Nasrallah will address the troops. Religious leaders of different faiths have called upon their people not to demonstrate, and not to get into provocative situations. That should tell you something. Everybody is worried sick that something is going to go terribly wrong tomorrow. I am not that worried about Nasrallah. They man is very smart. If it were up to him, not even the flowers in downtown will be stepped upon and people will gather up their own trash.
Problem is his followers. I’ve said it before; the majority are reasonable people, who have no desire for war, conflict or fighting. It’s that itty bitty little group of young guns, who only know about the civil war from stories recounted on hot summer evenings, as in ‘remember when . . . ?”
They’ve already gotten into a cheap fist fight in East-Beirut, those young guns. It was between christians and christians over (do I dare mention it?) the hanging of a poster. Now it is the shia young guns, who are pissed off with the sunni, and the christians and lord knows who else. (Well, I've told my parents (91 and 85) that tomorrow may not be such a good day to wander all over town like they did today. Can you imagine the headlines? 'Dutch eldery couple caught in sectarian fighting in Beirut; Army has to step in to safe the unlucky tourists'. "Okay," replied my Dad, "I guess I will paint your balcony then."
So let’s see which way we are going to go tomorrow. Right or wrong? The newspaper wants 500 words of atmosphere. Guess that is not going to be a problem; the tension is at highest.


Kodder said...

good luck with your article :).

Anonymous said...

I was working in Lebanon in the 90's rebuilding the the place. Its amazing hatred the in the breathe of the religeous nutters then and it just will not end untill each and every man woman and child can be realistic and shout to the sky " There is no god I am are free !! and I love all my fellow people

Anonymous said...

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