October 04, 2006

Tourists in downtown Beirut

Marijke, another Dutch lady in Beirut, sent me this picture last week of a couple of tourists in downtown Beirut. I do not know who the photographer is.
Lebanon is an Arab country, but this is for the Lebanese as exotic as it is for the Dutch. They are what we call here 'Gulf Arabs'; i.e. Arabs from the Gulf States, but I do not know which one. I showed it to my colleagues (all Lebanese). They had a ball! The comments they made were as funny as the picture.
"Oh look, did you see how wonderful my hair looks on this picture,"
"Ya Hassan, I just blinked my eyes. Please take another picture."
And on and on they went.
There is another one, similar to this one, also taken in downtown Beirut, where a lady wearing an abaya with face covering, is passing another lady with a backless tanktop. If anyone knows where I can find it, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

When these women will show their holiday pictures to friends and family back home, they will surely argue over who is who in the picture.

The variety in people on the streets was one of the things I loved when I visited Lebanon last year.

Sietske, do you have any idea when this picture was taken - before or after the war? If after, then it's good to see tourists back in Beirut. In any case, it is good to see another side of the country again, after all the pictures from the war.

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hakki said...

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