October 05, 2006

Did I Miss This News Flash?

Yeah, you missed that one too, did you? I know I am missing out on things because I cannot read the Arabic newspapers. But you’d think that news like this would be on CNN.
Well, it seems the Lebanese government has decided to annex Qiryat Shemona. Or maybe they already have? For those not familair with the geography of the region; Kiryat Shemona is in Israel. Did anyone see any troop movement near the border this morning? Anyway, it is ours now! We can have another Divine Victory Rally. This one's truly divine. Maybe they’ll keep the townspeople hostage, until they have received the Shebaa farms from Israel in return.

Anyway, in anticipation of this well-studied move, http://www.weatherbase.com/ has decided to update its information database. Link can be found here.

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