October 03, 2006

Fall is in the Air

Brother in-law with his son on the bike home after a day on the beach.

Fall is in the air. The weather is becoming down-right pleasant; October (and May) are the best months in this town.
Schools have started again (some of them, at least). We've got to get used to the routine again; Eddie (although he says it was my fault) forgot his schoolbag while going to school. He had to walk all the way back up the hill to pick up his bag. I put my phone on silent. Didn't need to hear his ranting. His hair right now is bigger than his head. "My, your son has grown thin this summer," someone remarked. Not really. He's grown taller, and his hair bigger, so it only appears he's getting thinner.
No pictures of son though. "You are so annoying, you know. You and your camera." He is growing up too. I know, because he is complaining. "Only four girls in my class. Four!", and he sticks four fingers in my face. "Four!" But he is still a little boy. Yesterday, he and a friend, set up his entire Playmobil collection. Accumulated over 8 years or so. A massive amount of little men.
Most everyone is back in town. Theo said it right. This town grows on you. Once you've lived in Beirut, you can never get her out of your system again. The place got bombed to smithereens (The Southern suburbs, the bridges, other infra-structures features and all other targets), yet still people are trying hard to come back, cause there is no life like it. They left nice houses with green lawns, and traffic rules, and line up in banks behind them, to come back to absolute chaos.
Which reminds me of the 'absolut' ads. One excellent ad is doing its rounds. It is the southern suburbs (you'd recognize it if you've visited this link), after the massive Israeli bombings. It's not an official one, but could have been. Should have been.
A friend of mine, Dutch, is totally taken by this place, even though he only visits it on occasional business trips. "This place gets your creativity going." It is true. Never a boring day. This place is a MUST for people with ADHD.
And so the fall is on its way.

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