April 24, 2006

Going Home

Back Home

Had hoped for the famous sunny skies of Beirut; it’s almost May, after all. No such luck, because as I write this, the rain is coming steadily down. Hubbie got me a new squirrel. He’s into breeding and has tried to convince me (for over three years now, I might add), that the two squirrels I have are actually two males, and that I should introduce a female into the cage. I didn’t think there was place for a third squirrel, besides I was too lazy to go to the pet store as well. And too stingy (they sell ‘m for a hefty price suddenly) I got my first squirrel for free, when the neighbors downstairs, from Iran, said they were going for a holiday to Iran and if I could please take care of their squirrel for a while. And then they never came back. Either I didn’t understand them, or they got lost. But that squirrel sat in a cage of 10 square centimeters. So I got him (her?) a bigger cage. I thought he/she looked terribly lonely, so I bought a second squirrel for 12,000 LBP (about 10 euros). Now the guy of the pet store suddenly wanted 70,000 LBP. Anyway, I got the third squirrel, but the thing hasn’t left the night cage so far. Looks like it’s going to die. Hmmm.

Reminder of Holland
Had a drink with a friend downtown one evening. Was very pleasant. And so I got a friendly memento of that evening; courtesy of the Dutch police.

A friend of mine says bloggers are exhibitionist. A discussion with another acquaintance led to the conclusion that apparently we (bloggers) think our lives are so interesting that the whole world should read about it. So unless you are blogging for business, it is a pretty pathetic state to be in, it seems. So I took it a step further this morning, and decided to see what other celebrities look just like me. Depending on the photo I uploaded, J.K. Rowland (The Harry Potter author), Val Kilmer (Batman. Ouch, that hurts!), Cindy Lauper, Meg Ryan (Yea. But is this before or after that Botox-induced lip?) and Rene Zellweger (Something diary) all looked like me! So for all you ego-trippers out there, give it a try.

I myself had hoped for Sharon Stone, but since her recent plastic surgery, I guess the computer didn’t recognize her anymore.

More on Pets
Finally managed to ‘shoot’ the second cat. We’ve had ‘shoes’ (known for her shoe fetish) for over 6 years now, picked her up from the streets. But two years ago hubbie spotted this ‘absolutely beautiful’ street cat on a parking lot somewhere in town. “She’s got two different colored eyes,” he said.

We spent the afternoon on our knees peering under parked cars, with a bird cage and smelly chicken. That cat – that we finally caught - turned out to be an absolute nasty beast, a fearsome creature, and very wisely it makes itself invisible to everyone in the house except hubbie. Two different colored eyes indeed; one blue, one yellow. But a nasty character, and he (she?) has therefore never received a name either. But this morning it just sat there on the carpet, quite visible to everyone. I thought for a while it might be sick, and on the verge of dying (as well. Has bird flue finally reached Beirut?). But when I moved in to make a closer shot, it ran away. Aah, it’s healthy after all.

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Michael van Eekeren said...

Ik had precies dezelfde bon op dezelfde avond!! Toeval bestaat niet! Volgens mij heb je hem verfromnmeld en toen toch maar weer uit je zak gehaald. Ik vermoed dat dit soort bonnen in Beiroet heel anders worden opgelost (deze zin klopt niet, maar je begrijpt wat ik bedoel).