April 26, 2006

Things that make me laugh

As the plumber is stuck in the cupboard under the sink, while breathing in all kinds of vile cleaning agents, and water squirting in all kinds of directions except into the sink, it reminded me of a very funny scene.

I have a little van, a hippy van that I travel around with in summer. It comes with everything; little fridge, stove, pots and pans, beds, and a little sink. Yes, a little sink with a tab. This tab, as puny as it is, has some sort of ingenious mechanism that makes it spurt water into the sink.
However, when I bought the van, everything worked, except for that little water spout. So my brother, who has a similar van, said he knew how to fix it. So here we are, or actually, here he is, bending in all kinds of shapes and bends (he’s 2 meters tall, and these cupboards are extra tiny to fit in a small van) to make that pump work. It took him hours and hours to get the wiring straight, but finally he had the thing going. “Now if we wire it this way, it will work extra strong, so it will come out really well, so you do not have to wait for an hour to fill the kettle,” he said, as he turned on the tab. The stream of water was very powerful indeed, so powerful as a matter of fact, that the water shot into and catapulted right out of the sink again, and into the ceiling of my van. Boy, did I think that was funny.

And that was what I was thinking of when I saw that plumber at work.

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