April 23, 2006


Well, we celebrated the fiftieth wedding anniversary. Eddie got to meet all his cousins, end some nieces and nephews as well. His Dutch is improving, although the acquired vocabulary is not totally usefull in most situation.
Koen, Hugo, Annemijn (up), Eddie and Hana (down)
All the grandchildren before the party: Michiel, Jelle, Koen, Hana, Maaike, Niels, Adriaan, Nienke and Sietske.
I remember when we grew up, parties like this were horrible, because we had to wear grey woollen pants (boys), leather shoes, and white shirt. Girls had to wear tights, and this was in the days when we did not seem to have cotton, or polyester, so these were itchy woollen tights. These days, we do not worry too much about this anymore. They're all in jeans.

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