February 11, 2015

Good Storm

How do you know you’ve got a good storm? Count the number of umbrellas you see lying in the gutter. I spotted four in one street alone.

They’ve been telling us already since last week that this really big storm, Yohan, was going to hit us. Saturday  was D-Day. Well, friends of mine went to the beach on Saturday. Sunny, clear skies, 26 degrees Celsius. Maybe Sunday then? Sunday came and went. No storm. And this went on for some days. But the storm finally arrived last night, in true Lebanese fashion: fashionably late.
Several colleagues at work were late; they had to clean up flooded houses. Others were late because of a traffic jam on the Corniche;  part of the railing and sidewalk had ended up on the road.  I think I may have lost bits and pieces of my outdoor furniture. Not sure, will find out in spring, I guess.
It’s not the perfect storm yet, but it came pretty close last night.

1 comment:

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