March 02, 2013

The End of His Ski Season

He was boarding somewhere up on Mzaar,  he fell, and he heard 'crack'.  And what's the damage? A broken collar bone on the left side. Not so bad, considering this.
The snow patrol brought him down. Apparently he cursed the entire way. The Red Cross guys gave him a ride to the nearest hospital, where they gave him a shot of something really good, because when his friends drove him back home, they decided to eat at Burger King while on the way. First things first.
The doctor was inconclusive, according to him. “Wait and see,” he said. I don’t know. Doesn’t look like this one will heal itself in place. Tomorrow we’ll check.

Update: "Nothing to worry about. Will heal itself. Come back next week. Here are some pills."


Anonymous said...

Salemto :)
from a snowborder who is 53!

Najib said...

Hamdellah 3al Salemeh!

visnja said...

speedy recovery to your son!