March 02, 2013

Short Seasons

Fields of daisies
I’d say spring has arrived. Granted, it’s not March 21st yet, but unless we get some cold wind coming from Siberia, I think I can pack up my skis. The snow is so soft that’s it is difficult skiing. I’ve dispatches the various family members up to Faraya, but I am staying down in warm and sunny Beirut. I’ve got my windows open and the carpets out.
I had work in the mountains this week, and over there spring had started as well; a real wild flower-invasion has started. It was lovely as I was strolling through the fields. The grass is as green as the grass in Holland. Only in spring time and early winter will you see green pastures in this place. Green = healthy for me. There were a few mangy cows in the fields.
Crown anemones (the red flowers)
And that’s when it started to itch. First my legs. So I scratched your legs. Then my hands itch. Then my face. It took me a while to figure this one out. It’s not just wildflower time, it’s also the time of the year when the larvae of the Pine Processionary moth  (Thaumetopoea pityocampa) hatch. By the millions. The trillions. Zillions. They’re nasty little critters , considered a pest all over the Mediterranean. Their silky nests were all over the place, and I had been happily ambling right through them.
 Pine Processionary Caterpillars. They - hence the name - do really well around pine trees.
The pine trees

Funny how the crowns never touch

But it is nice up in the mountains right now. Fresh and clean. By June it will be dry and hot. For some reason, this winter was really short; either time runs faster, or the seasons shorten. Or I am getting older? Nahh. Shorter season.  

Olive orchard: Awesome skies

Update: Just got a call from my son. Who went up snowboarding. He’s at the hospital in Ajaltoun with a broken collar bone.  All things considered, he got off easy. Guess we got lucky. Good thing I didn’t go skiing wit this sticky snow. When I fall . . .with the short seasons and such.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!

visnja said...

beautiful! and funny! :)

Gray Fox said...

Sorry about your son. Hope he mends quickly

ehden said...

I felt we had a short summer here in Australia. Hope your son gets better.

Dee said...

lovely blog!

Dee said...
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Dee said...
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