January 22, 2013

Nothing Much

Typical Beirut: the wooden shutters, the balcony curtains, the laundry lines and the little cleaning items they've got on their balconies like the stairs and the brooms. My favorite (It's like an I SPY picture) is the canary in the cage.

I threw my son’s electric toothbrush away some three months ago, because the things wasn’t working. Actually, it hasn't been working since this debacle. Anyway, the thing was gone for some 3 months when a week ago (the day I announced the dentist’s appointment) he (my son) said: “You know, my tooth brush doesn't work anymore, I think I need a new one.”

Come again? You need a new one? Because it isn't working? And you’re telling me this because you haven’t noticed it has been missing for some three months now?

But we are vindicated. The result (of the dentist visit)? One clean slate (me), no cavities but one canine tooth not descending (my daughter) and TWO CAVITIES (my son). There is a god. 

And the picture? Well, that’s the view from a friend who invited me for lunch two weeks ago and I said I would send her the pictures and they’re still on my computer! I haven’t forgotten you, A! You will get your pictures, photo shopped and all!

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