January 21, 2013

Men at Work

On Hamra today. Not me.

I think that this 'picture a day' thing is not going to work. I am too busy;  I have a life and a full-time job and a full-time family too. A dog that just vomited on the carpet, a cat that pissed in the plants of the old aunt's balcony, and so right now there's a war going on in the kitchen between cat, aunt and cat-owner (my daughter), my son just announced he couldn't find his tooth brush (The one that I threw in the garbage 3 months ago? And what exactly have you been brushing your teeth with since then?), we have a dentist appointment tomorrow, a late meeting at work and I can list some more things. I think I may slow it down a bit.


Anonymous said...

Want to come skating? It's beautiful.

http://ysbrand.galama.net/zwartwit/?p=1969 Y.

Sietske said...

Hmmmm, ja, t'is wel mooi, maar ik ga lekker skieen!