January 06, 2013

More Rain?

Of course more rain. And there will be more this entire week. 

It's 12 degrees Celsius in Beirut, but I am a little bit higher today, in the mountains above Beirut, and it's more like 6 degrees here. There's no electricity here today (of course) and so the generator is running overtime. 

What better place to be than to sleep in front of the fire place under a blanket with a dog by your side?


Anonymous said...

how is albert 11

Sietske said...

Albert is at the pet store at the end of Hamra (Abu Taleb), next to the gas station, waiting desperately for an owner!!!!

Unknown said...

At least you have had heating and hot water, with regards to my hubbie who survived two days without (I'm still in less rainy Germany ;-)