January 07, 2013


Or was epiphany yesterday? Never mind, it was time to bring the Christmas tree down and store it for another year.

A plastic tree; a bit of a sacrilege coming thing from a Duchie, as we only believe in the real deal. And for many years I DID buy a real tree in Beirut. Never mind that by the 15th of December it had lost all its needles, as these trees were probably cut somewhere back in October in order to be exported to the Middle East. Then we got choices, and I dropped the Norway spruce for a Douglas fir, albeit at a higher price. But then when prices went skyrocketing and the price of a decent tree was somewhere around the $100 (!), I dropped the real tree thing.
Christmas went by fast this year. I think I am working too hard.

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Anonymous said...

Very neat to see how the reflection of the person taking the picture makes it look like there is a little angel inside each of the ornaments...very cool!