January 18, 2013

Kick-Ass Housekeeper Part II

In case you ever wondered what happened to my ‘kick-ass’housekeeper, here’s some follow up.

I contacted the ‘Inter-Lebanon Road Running & Athletics Club’ which is a ‘friendly running club for runners of all abilities as well as a highly competitive track & field club’ according to their web site, and asked if they could be of any of assistance for this lady.

Their web site states “We warmly welcome people of all ages, standards, and abilities, from competition standard to beginners just attempting to run for the first time,” and boy, is that the truth. I think I got a reply to my e-mail like in 3 hours. She got a training schedule sent about a few days later, and she’s been running with them for almost two months now, several times a week.  They got her new running shoes, they give her a ride back home after training and they've welcomed her with open arms. And all of these, for no fee whatsoever.

When it rains, she does 10K on the treadmill. When I had to explain how that machine worked, she almost quit running. 

People are often very negative about how Lebanese treat domestic employees, but I am quite impressed on how they've just taken her in and are counting on the fact that this girl is going to run in the next Beirut International Marathon. 


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that has the Rocky Balboa music stuck in their head?

Anonymous said...

I think we can now also call it the kick-ass ‘Inter-Lebanon Road Running & Athletics Club'. Very impressed and surprised (and happy) there are still people who act decently in Lebanon.

Janita said...

This 2nd Kick-Ass-Housekeeper post made my day today.