December 18, 2012


If there's water, we need to throw in a stone
Not much going on this week in the country, everyone seems to be getting ready for the holidays. I work with a number of foreigners who seem to be a little confused over the enthusiasm with which everyone here embraces Christmas, regardless of their religion. Back home (in the States, that is), the display of a Christmas tree in public schools and other places seems to become a bit of an issue as it seen as inconsiderate towards the other religions. A bit like the controversy over Zwarte Piet in Holland.
Nahr Ibrahim
The Lebanese are having none of that. If it involves a party, then it needs to be celebrated. At least that seems to be the overall feeling in my part of town.
As such, the country seems to be at a standstill; not much is happening. I cherish the slow days. It is on slow days that I realize that I actually have a house that needs maintaining. Paintings that need to be hung (after standing against the wall for some 2 years), light bulbs that need to be replaced (for some 4 months already!), boxes that have been unopened for some 12 years now (?) so maybe it is time to throw them out without opening them, clothes I haven’t worn for 8 years but still hanging in my closets; I think I need to throw some things out.
But what do I do on a slow day? I take the kids out into the woods with my SIL. We drove down to Nahr Ibrahim, unloaded the kids, and hung out a bit. It was cold, but nice fresh. Didn’t help my house maintenance much, but it sure cleared the air. Maybe when I will retire, I get around doing all that.
And when I finally have everyone together, looking at the camera and being halfway cooperative (as opposed to pulling iditotic faces), it turns out I've got a vine hanging in front of my camera! Of course you do not find out until you upload them. So here's a family portrait with vine :)


Joseph said...

Great stories and pics.

Thanks for another good year.

Veri Kurtarma said...

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You didn't put on the falling snow on the blog this year, we miss it!


Play angry Birds said...

Beautiful post..Nice place for visit..

georges seif said...
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Dawning on said...

I just love the way you write about Lebanon. I would really appreciate if many Lebanese can look to their country the way they look to other countries, or the way I have seen many non Lebanese how they admire my beautiful country :)
No matter what I still see Lebanese the country of freedom :D