September 01, 2012


I’ve been back for a while now, but I am still hovering between a ‘Glad to Be Back’ mood and this; hence inspiration is sorely lacking.

Work started, the situation in Syria is worrisome, our 18 year old dog finally decided he’d had enough and had to be put down, my son accidentally swallowed a soda can tab (and now needs to survey a certain product in detail to make sure the tab exits the body, much to the delight of his younger sister and cousins) and other random household issues that have been put on hold for 2 months sort of required my attention, and so there just hasn’t been any time to get inspired. “There are years that ask questions and years that answer,” said Zora Hurston, and I think we’re heading for a time of questions. 

It is disconcerting to see a country – that for all good measure should be the place where my children are going to build their future – slowly being overtaken by thugs, incompetents, crooks, ignoramuses, radicals and extremists. It’s not related to religion, although upfront you might think so. It’s more of a clash of cultures, fueled  by an economical systems that favors a few, and excludes the rest. 

Sometimes I look at pictures of Beirut in the old days, and they exhale sophistication.

I mean, LOOK at this! Awesome!! Lebanese women, in the sixties. (got this off  this site but I cannot remember the exact page anymore). How did we get to be where we are now?

And so, due to a lack of inspiration, I leave you with a current picture of a Lebanese water-skier. (Yep, she’s mine. )  


Anonymous said...

This was the exact conversation my parents had 16 years ago when they packed us up and moved us out of Lebanon. Best of luck to you guys.

Anonymous said...

I can read the frustration in your post. Lebanon is not a happy place to be right now. The post of the Lebanese med student in Paris (your link) really sums it up. My best to you and your family. Be safe.
Les Fox

Anita said...

hoi Sietske
Sorry dat je de oude schapendoes moest laten inslapen, 18 jaar is heel oud, maar het is vast raar zo zonder hem...
Ik hoop dat de situatie niet slechter wordt de komende tijd, sterkte!