May 09, 2012

There Are Days . . .

I just read somewhere that there is a phenomenon called Facebook Depression. It seems that people have a tendency to upload only their happiest, prettiest and most adventurous moments. Seeing all these happy people might give you the impression that they lead an infinitely more interesting life than you do (I hear bloggers do the same :)

Since Facebook users are far more likely to depict the happiest times of their lives through carefully curated photos rather than catalog depressing events, many users are more likely to believe that happiness is a constant in their friend’s lives.

I find that a fascinating thing.

We finally went back to sailing with the 6-pack rastaman this weekend

I do admit, I am guilty of culling my pictures. And I do admit that there are days, and sometimes weeks, when things just don’t go right in my life. Days when you wonder whether your depression is medically related, weather-related, or that’s just the kind of person you are. Days when you open your facebook, and all your friends and acquaintances lead virtual lives that seem so much more exciting than your real life.

Nothing more fun than a stone with a hole in it

But I have developed a simple remedy for that. I go on the internet, and check the webcam in my hometown  and the webcam in the town of my parents. On early mornings, when I have coffee on my balcony and see the sun come up behind the mountains just before I go off to work, those towns are still shrouded in darkness. In the afternoon, when I fill my daughter’s kiddie pool, and have tea outside in the sun, they are battling windy weather and constant rain. In the weekends, when I go off to sail, go to the beach, or have picnics in the fields and valleys, they need to negotiate grey, overcast skies.

Just filled up the kiddie pool again. I go through one each summer; it stays filled all the way until end of October.

And then I think; life is not so bad.

Moral of this story; If my blog posts give you a depression, since it seems like my life is infinitely more interesting than yours, than go out and do something yourself! 


visnja said...

great post! my sombrero down!!! :)

Fadi said...

"Suck it up you panzies ! Stop complaining and do something about it !!".. would that be the more honest moral of this post ? :P

Francine said...

Nice webcams.
Made my day too:
raining in Utrecht -
Sunny in my place :))