May 12, 2012

Safety First

I work for an American company where – when the cleaning crew comes in – they place little yellow markers on the floor to indicate it might be slippery because they’ve just mopped the place. And where they announce the day and time when they will spray the place with insecticide in order for you to be somewhere else. Yes, I agree, a little over the top, which makes the contrast with what happens outside only sharper.

The other day I walked pat a construction side, and I saw workers with hard hats. I had to do a double take. Hard hats? The only hard hats we have here are the ones in the toy store that come with the plastic carpenter set.

And so it didn’t surprise me much when I saw this poor dude sitting on a sort of home-made wooden swing device, dangling from a rope, like some sort of extreme sports rock climber. He's got a rope around his waste, but if you fall off the swing, and en up hanging upside down, you'll fall right out of that harness. I think he was filling holes of some sort. I doubt he’s got insurance to fill the hole in his head later on.


Anonymous said...

Things stay happening

building signage said...

I agree with you, that is main thing about our safety. This hard hats available in the toy store that come with the plastic carpenter set. I impressed by that.