March 03, 2012

Dog Weather

It is dog weather in Beirut.

A friend calls.
Where are you?”
I am on the Corniche taking a picture,” I reply
Oh. (sigh) Not another sunset, I hope.”

Uh. No, Yes. Well, not really, I was a little too early for that. But with this dog weather, there isn’t much to do. If I had a fireplace, I’d go and sit in front of it, but mine is in the mountains, not in Beirut. And I dare say it is too cold to go to the mountains. Even with central heating, I’d need about 24 hours to heat up that place (and by then it is time to go down to Beirut again). They say on the news that snow has fallen as slow as 300 meters.

That’s pretty low for a regular Lebanese winter, which means there is snow around the mountain house. I should have gone there, but was busy all Saturday shuttling my kids around to their various destinations and activities, and that was the end of that.

It is dog weather anyway. Not much to do in town. So when I drove along the Corniche this afternoon, and saw the waves, I thought I’d take a picture. This boat (you'd have to click on the picture nd zoom it, it is quite small), by the way, is the Abou Karim II. It is a 6172 ton cargo ship from 1979. How do I know? Go here  (click on Sector 99 and zoom in). You can pretty much track any ship that passes by. You can do it with planes too, but I didn’t see one passing over as I was standing there on the Corniche.

Tomorrow I’ve got something interesting planned. Let’s see how that works out. So, yes (sigh), another sunset of sorts.


visnja said...

amazing photos and cool link you posted!!! have a wonderful weekend!!! V

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