March 09, 2012

Because its Worth Sharing . .

I didn't watch this episode, but several bloggers have already posted it (Blogging Beirut, Blogbaladi, Lebanon Aggregator, How I See Things and +961), and I think everyone should watch this one.
We're all up in arms these days about some war lord in Africa, but I believe we've got to start closer to home, and take this guy to justice, and the poor girl out of his house.

This is not necessarily how all housekeepers are treated, but things like this do happen in this country, and it is shameful!

The particular gentleman seems to have been identified, and a name is circulating. I cannot vouch for its accuracy, so will refrain from posting it, but other sites will have it.


Fadi said...

"I believe we've got to start closer to home" .. reminds me of a comic I've read recently :)

What are the odds that this video going viral actually starts a healthy and productive debate about the conditions of migrant workers in Lebanon, starting with how they are treated at the airport, how their passports are confiscated, up to and including their work conditions in the household ?

Anonymous said...

the way domestic workers are treated in Lebanon
is unquestionable and is a big shame that is one of many
reasons our country is big mess and getting worse by the day

Anonymous said...

His identity has been discovered
Can you please advertise this? No one should do business with this piece of garbage!

Anonymous said...

It's a big, big shame to see how migrants, specially housekeepers are treated in this country... The video is repulsive, I felt deeply disgusted...

Anonymous said...

One of the men in the video has been publicly identified in a tweet by LBC:!/LBC_Group/status/178174523223449600.

Zoom in on uncensored plate:
And a still of the license plate has been blogged here: