February 05, 2012

Another Intermezzo

Slopes of Feraya

My computer was (re)formatted this week. While everyone has Internet faster than the speed of light these days, mine only seemed to slow down more and more, till it got to a point where I could go and make myself a cup of coffee between the loadings of pages. My brother blames it on Bill Gates. I blame it on my downloading of 1000 and 1 free programs. Now that I have formatted the computer, and am back to zero, I have to download the bare essentials (for me); Picasa.
Some of you sometimes comment on the lovely photos I make, but although I’d love to take all the credit, most have been pulled though Picasa. Such as these, made yesterday on the slopes of Feraya; 6 Degrees, sunshine, good snow, few people (on the Wardeh slopes) and only one traffic jam. Holland is currently in a Siberian time zone, with -20 Celcius in some places. - 13 C in my hometown. I miss the Dutch winters (now and then), but luckily the snow is just 55 km away.

We’re not getting any younger, Marijke and I. We’ve known each other since 1990 if I am correct, but she’s got a better memory than I have. And that’s why I thought this 60’s filter (which comes straight out of Picasa) was appropriate. Two old bags in the ski-lift.


Becky Gregory said...

I think you and Marijke look great! We have had a very mild winter to date, so I enjoy seeing your wintry photos.

Have a good week at ACS.
Becky in Bloomington

Liliane said...

Sietske you look great! stop fishing for compliments :)

Lalique said...

Happy to visit here
from snowing Turkey

http://laracroft3.skynetblogs.be http://lunatic.skynetblogs.be

Sietske said...

Hi Becky, thank you!! I'm off the the HRC with your sister. We also went on Wednesdays. If we go on like this, we get our own picture on the wall, just like your sister at this one establishment in Bloomington.
Hi Liliane! Wanted to come last night, but couldn't. I heard it was successfull! And thank you for the compliment!!

Sietske said...

My gosh,should work on my spelling. :)