April 18, 2011

First Beach Day of the Year

We're going to the beach, and we are taking . . . . . 
This thing was driving on the highway, 80 kmph, with the back door open. In case you cannot see it, there are 2 green garden chairs in the back, on which 2 guys sit, while a 3rd sits on their lap, trying to inflate a tube.

Sunday was the first beach day of the year. Most beaches haven’t opened their doors yet, and that is not just literally. We almost had to climb fences to get to the beach, because all private clubs are locking their doors, and that means also the access to the beach. April is too early for the Lebanese, but not for this sun-starved Dutchie.

The sandy beaches of Jiyeh (are my favorite). Somehow this reminds me of a typical postcard scene

I don’t know if this is exactly legal, but in Lebanon, beach clubs ‘claim’ stretches of the coast line, build a resort, and then you can only access the beach when you pay. I know for a fact that in Holland and France that is illegal, but whatever. I had to drive all the way to the end of Jiyeh before I could find a stretch of beach I could access.

Surfer babe & cousins

But it was well worth it. I can now pack my skis with a rested heart ( I think this is a direct translation from Dutch to English).
I think this particular scene ended in the beating of a younger cousin, if I remember correctly.

Talking about Dutch, here follows a message for the Dutch:
Tineke en kornuiten gaan een heuse vrijmarkt organiseren in Libanon, compleet met poffertjes (mijn tentje, jaja, komt dat zien! Sietske die voor het fornuis staat!). Als je Nederlands(e) bent, en in Libanon zit, met of zonder kinderen, mail dan even naar mij (galama apestaartje cyberia punt net punt lb), dan krijg je de details. Hoe meer zielen hoe meer vreugde, zou ik zeggen.'
This is an art project. Somehow it gives me ogerlike proportions, now that I look at it carefully. Maybe I should seriously Photoshop this thing.

It was a lovely Sunday on the beach. It's promising to become a good season.


Liliane said...

actually, they're not supposed to charge us if we just want to go into the beach, I know a lot of people who do this, thus the security between the sea and the resort (LOL)

poshlemon said...

Woman I salute you cause the weather isn't yet appropriate for swimming and beaching! :)

Nick said...

Ah lucky you. High today of 3 C. Overnight low -9 C. In just over 130 days, I will be sitting on the beach a bit down from your family. We'll be the very white, very greatful couple with sullen teen lad.
As always, great blog.

Anonymous said...

So nobody dares to congratulate you with the art project? Why is that?