November 05, 2009


You wouldn’t see this anywhere else. I guess. There was government power today (as you can see from the street light), but obviously some people in this neighborhood did not have electricity. And so they got a long ladder and sent one of them up the ladder to figure out what was wrong with the wiring. The guys was actually standing on that ladder (creating a nice human earth wire), fiddling around in between those electricity wires, in his suit. It was clear that he was not an employee of the local electricity company. So he probably doesn’t have the slightest idea of the immense risks he’s taking here. The guys down on the street were yelling directions as to what wire he should pull or touch.

I waited around a bit, seeing if he was going to get ‘zapped’ off his ladder. But I had an appointment in town, and so I went on. Wonder whether they have lights tonight for dinner, or barbecue.

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angie nader said...

omg...haha...really crazy.
in my old neighborhood, durring soccor games..i would always see guys who hooked a tv up to the viring mary power outlets(int he areas where there is a virgin mary on every block)